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Welcome to New Zealand's Information Network's Internet Marketing Services area.

New Zealand's Information NetworkNew to the Internet? Considering developing a Website? We suggest you take the time to read the information in our Getting Started area on the right hand navigation of this page, this will help provide you with a better understanding of the Internet, how Websites work and the benefits of having a Website within our Network.

Perhaps you already have a Website and are looking for options to increase traffic to your site and its popularity? Take the time to browse our extensive information on Web Promotion on the right hand navigation of this page to find out what services we can offer to meet your requirements.

Having a Website within our Network is a very cost effective way of maximising the profile of a company on the Internet. The resources that we offer to our clients enables them to have access to large and often costly promotional material and strategies at shared prices.

Our Network is similar to a large shopping mall that leases suitable sites (premises) to clients. Why set up a stand alone shop in a quiet street when you could have a site in the middle of a busy mall with traffic already flowing through. We have premises throughout our Network with targeted traffic ready to lease right now!

New Zealand's Information NetworkOnce you have your own branding set up within our Network you can add Plug In Modules to your site as and when required to suit your budget and client base. For information on our Plug In Modules and what we have on offer, check out the right hand navigation on this site.

Our packages can start from as little as a one-off set up fee of NZ$1500.00 + GST with on-going monthly fees starting from NZ$150.00 + GST. These prices include total development, hosting and on-going promotion.

Our Top 20 Website clients currently do in excess of 1 million dollars worth of online bookings and transactions annually. Many of these clients originally started out with a small budget and a big dream and we helped make it happen!

To learn more about the team at New Zealand's Information Network visit our About Us.

For further information regarding a Internet Marketing Services simply email or telephone +64 3 313 1652.

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